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Custom-Designed Furniture

February 20, 2013

To my great surprise and pleasure, I found that the talented furniture-maker Steve Holman wrote a blog post about work we did together.  I had requested a custom-made dining room hutch for a client, and described to him what I envisioned, including dimensions and budget.  We went back and forth, discussing and finessing the piece, until our plan was complete.  Steve does beautiful work and is a pleasure to have as part of my design team of independent artisans.

drawing after revisions

When I saw Steve’s drawing, I had a better idea of what the final piece should look like.  I asked for an unglazed interior, walnut burl accents and for the side elevation to match the front more closely.  Steve sent me a revised drawing.

The finished hutch was just what I envisioned, and the client was delighted.

holman-hutch-9-12-061-Edit For the complete story and more detail on Steve’s process, read his fascinating blog here:  Holman Studios

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